The Merovan Office Center's Client Handbook

Client Handbook

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General Information Convenient Services
Telephone User's Guide  
Voice Mail Instructions Word Processing and In-Office Assistance


Voice Mail Instructions


With Speaker button depressed or receiver off hook


To Set-Up Your Mailbox

Dial 7000 or press message key

Press # key

Follow Directions

You Will…………..

    • Establish a new security code

    • Enter your name

    • Record a personalized greeting

Accessing Voice Mail When You Are In the Office

For quick and easy access to your Voice Mail messages dial 7000. (From out-of-town 843-576-1500)

This will connect you directly to the voice Mail.  Follow the prompts.

Message Waiting Light

MW light on your phone means you have a message in your mailbox

Message Erased

A message will be erased automatically after 15 days

Message Notification

Voice Mail can call you when a new message arrives.  You can set voice mail to call up to nine telephone and pager numbers for message notification.  It will call each number in the order entered until it reaches you or reaches the setting for the number of attempts it can make.

To Change Your Voice Mail Greeting

Access Mailbox

Press 82 to record greeting

Press 1 for external greeting or 2 for internal greeting

Press 5 to record

Hear tone

Press # to end recording


To Change Your Security Code

Access Mailbox

Press 84 to change password

Enter current password and press #

Enter new 4 to 16 digit password and press #

Enter new password again and press #  


Listen     1 Backup     3 (5 seconds)
Discard  4 Review      6
Skip        7 Advance   9  (5 seconds)
Save       5 Pause       1  (during message)


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